Company Dupont Souvenirs

Company Dupont Souvenirs

Since the start in 1975, Dupont Souvenirs Ltd, has known a permanent growth. Among others, the continuous efforts to improve the good relationship with their clients, made the initially small company soon to develop to a Ltd. Company.
For Belgium, Dupont Souvenirs is nowadays the marketleader in its branch of activities.

To respond in an effecient way to the results of the contineous market analyses, our motivated teams develop permanently a vast selection of attractive new souvenir articles and various gifts. The range of products satisfies the most exigeant needs of our clients and are offered at most competitive prices.

Not only the continuity in our research, innovations and investements, but also our international presence (Luxemburg, France, the Netherlands, the USA, Danmark,...) which allows the company to exchange positive experiences over these frontiers, assures our clients of a participation in a ever increasing market potential. The experience as a whole remains at the disposal of the clients who can also benefit of our advises in order to assure and increase the performance of their enterprise.

A personalised service treats minitiously any project, proposition or specific demand introduced by any client.
After concertation and approval, a special team takes care of the specific fabrication or development of a project.
This team remains at your disposal for all information you may require on the possibilities offered by the souvenir articles of your community, region or any other application. 

Only original designs and projects will be found at our company. No copies or imitations.
Our initiative & originality are our priority.